Looking up at a pillar next to a lamp at night.


A finger delicately touches a plant.

Just a Touch

Looking up at tall buildings in Chicago.

Looking up

Looking up at a parking garage with windows going toward the sky.


An image of a Chicago O'Hare airport hallway with a lone traveler standing in the middle.


Looking up at a lamp post in the pitch black of the night in the city.

Solitary Light

An image of an intricate high tech looking escalator at Chicago O'Hare's airport.

The Machine

A pitch black hallway with a solitary light coming from a door at the end of it.


An image of stained glass windows in a church

The Eyes

An image of stairs going downward.


An abstract of a red wall with two solid shadow lines going through it.

The Code

A solitary upside down U shaped lamp against a dreary grey sky.


An abstract image of a window with gold backing.


An image of a series of rebar standing straight up.


An image of a single lamp post against the blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

With my Head in the Clouds

An image looking down a parking garage skywalk


Looking down at grasses, leaves and many kinds of flora in Nebraska.

Royal Red

A wrinkled and torn magazine with a woman's face on it rests in a dirty alley.

American Woman

An abstract showing a moving escalator upside down at Chicago's O'Hare airport.


Chairs stacked in an absurd order

Reality Falling Apart

An abstract showing the side of an escalator and it's reflection.


An image of the back of a bar stocked with tasty drinks.

Pick your Poison

Looking down at smooth stones on the beach in Alaska.


Looking down at grasses, leaves and many kinds of flora in Nebraska.


Looking up at a parking garage stariway


An image of a lock with the brand name "MASTER" written on it.


Looking up at a street lamp in the city at night.

Night Crawl

Looking down at grasses, leaves and many kinds of flora in Nebraska.


Looking down at grasses, leaves and many kinds of flora in Nebraska.

Into the Void

Looking out of a window with vines growing around it at the city

Inside looking Out

Looking in between Rebar at a construction site.

In Between

Looking down at grasses, leaves and many kinds of flora in Nebraska.


Looking at a sheet of scrap metal and the shadows it casts.


Shadows bend around a ledge leading to a solitary window in the side of an old brick building.

Follow the Light

Looking down at series of Steel bars.


Looking at a street camera and the reflection it casts on the wall.

Eyes are Everywhere

Exes formed by support beams in a parking garage.


An image of a torn American flag.


Dew drops caught in an old spider's web in the dark.

Dew Drops

A toy monkey with cymbols under a lamp in a dark room.


Looking out of a dark room into a light room with a checkered floor.


Looking out at a window into a hallway and the shadows it casts.


Looking down a hallway in chicago's O'Hare airport.

Alternate Reality

Shadows bend around corners on the street creating a unique pattern.


Looking down from a balcony through the gate at a solitary light on the wall below.

Being Watched

Looking into a greenhouse glowing purple from the other side of the fence at night

Be Very Quiet

Looking down into a dock in Alaska

Down to the Dock

An abstract of amber waves of grass against the blue glass of a building in the background.

Amber Waves

An old parking garage still displays it's pricing of $3 for a parking spot


An image of a thigamajig


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